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The 7 Telling Traits of Top Accounting Consulting Firms

Choosing an accounting consultation firm is one of the biggest strategic decisions a business has to make. A professional accounting firm can help the business to grow and prosper, by cutting down their costs and streamlining their processes. A bad one on the other hand, could cost a business more money rather than prove to be cost-effective.

There are hundreds of accounting firms to choose from, which is why making the right call could prove to be a daunting task for small business owners.

Here are some important traits that every small business owner should look for in an accounting firm before hiring one:


A specialty of the accounting consulting firm is one of the most important things that a business should consider. What does the consultation firm specialize in?

An accounting firm that caters to tech startups may not be of much help to a seasoned farmer. The farmer would be better off reaching out to consultants who specialize in agriculture.


Certifications are obvious things to look for any accounting consulting firm. The firm should have a team of certified public accountants to effectively assist the small and large businesses in filing income taxes, prepare accounting records and providing valuable insights to the business so that they can save money manage the entire function efficiently.

The greater the accounting needs a business has, the more qualified accountants they will need. Therefore, it is better to hire a firm that has certified accountants from the start.

Feedback and Advice

There are many accounting consultation firms that only pile up financial reports without providing any sort of valuable insight or feedback. This could prove to be a major disadvantage for any business because some of the major business decisions are financial in nature, such as buying new equipment or performing a merger or an acquisition.

A good accounting consultation firm should be able to offer regular feedback and advice on important strategic business decisions, which could prove beneficial in the long-term. Accounting consultation firms are more like growth partners, rather than just bookkeepers or tax preparers.

Services Offered

It is common for businesses to outsource multiple business functions. This mainly includes bookkeeping, payroll and human resources. Once a team of reliable individuals takes on these functions, business owners can focus on things that truly matter, like growth and expansion.

Therefore, it is better to hire a firm that offers a range of services. This also proves to be cost-effective as a single business can obtain multiple services by obtaining a package deal.


A good accounting consultation firm should always be there when needed. Some consultation firms meet their clients once a year when it is time to file records and prepare financial reports. This is ineffective, as businesses are devoid of timely answers.


As already mentioned, a good consultation firm is not just a record-keeping company, but a valuable business partner.

Professional accounting consultation firms consider themselves to be growth partners, who help their clients in long-term strategic planning with regards to operational and financial aspects.


Businesses should be comfortable with discussing their business problems with the accounting consultation firm, which is why trust is important. Without trust, there cannot be a long-term relationship with between the client and the accounting firm.

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