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Payroll Services

Payroll Support Plan Includes: Payroll set up on selected Payroll Software: Employee Data Transfer to new system; Direct deposit payments to employees (Subject to restrictions); Garnishment & Deduction Administration; Payroll Compliance Updates; Payroll Tax Administration and Reporting; Paid Time Off Accruals and Management; Payroll Accounting; Electronic Record Management

Plan Options

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    Tailored for the Self-employed and/or a business with less than 10 employees
    1 to 10 Employees

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    Essential plan for a small business with 11 to 25 employees
    11 to 25 Employees

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    Perfect plan for a medium-size business with 26 to 50 employees
    26 to 50 Employees

Complete payroll management under one roof

Payroll is an essential part of any organization, regardless of its size. At WSC Business Solutions, we possess the knowhow, tools and resources necessary to help small and mid-sized companies navigate through the complexities of payroll management.

We provide a wide range of payroll services in Houston, TX, tailored to the specific needs and objectives of every client. From salaries and deductions to taxes, you can count on us for all your payroll requirements.

By outsourcing payroll to us, you can gain access to cutting edge tools and technology and our accounting team’s valuable deep insight.

It is our top priority to make sure our clients get quick, efficient and confidential payroll services, every month.

This plan includes the following back office support:

  • Dedicated Growth Partner Associate and Team

  • Document Management

  • Access to reports

  • Consultations

  • Daily Off-Site Backups on secure cloud server